“Rejuvenation and regeneration plans include restoring the Pavilion to its former status as an outstanding, vibrant centre of international cultural significance, with deep roots in the island community – actively demonstrating how people, culture and creativity can combine to deliver positive economic impact.”

JULIE TAIT, Executive Director



“This infusion of creativity will create a new sense of place, combined with an openness to new experience, that will breathe life into to all corners of the island. It will nurture cultural enterprise, creating a welcoming space which budding social entrepreneurs, arts and creative communities can call home and in which they, too, can earn their living.”

JACKIE SHEARER, Artistic Director

Planning ahead? Here are some actions you can take right now:

Image credits: These plans and visualisations have been created by the project architect, Elder and Cannon.



As the restoration progresses we will arrange behind-the-scenes tours. Sign up if you would like a sneak peek as the Pavilion transforms to its new self. Register your interest by joining the waiting list.

Senior citizens are invited to “Dance Through the Decades” as part of the Pavilion’s Heritage Activity Program. Follow us on Facebook. If you would like to come along, register your interest by joining the waitlist.

Come along and add your ideas to the Pavilion melting pot. Join us for a cup of tea and a chat about plans, possibilities and ideas for the future of the Pavilion and the community. Sign up to get notified.